Starting new!

I can’t seem to find neither of the email nor password of my old blog. Quite depressed me since i already own this blog since Feb 2006. My last post was on Dec 2011. Yes, i have been abandoning my blog for more than a year. I was busy working at that time that i couldn’t even manage a time or a mood to write anymore. I have resigned my job this early March and back to school to finish my master degree. See, i’ve got plenty time now to write but i totally forget my email and password. I’m pretty sure i still remember the email, but it keep failing. I’m not that stupid but 30 minutes has passed and i still can’t go through it. So i’m forced to create a new one.

please visit if you have a time. I have written hundred of stories since i was in the high school.

Thank you. Let’s start a fresh ones!

About nadinewulandari

Sarky, mercurial, and imaginative lady.

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