Direction to Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae

I was in Seoul this early May for holiday and soon will write everything here randomly, including the time when i met some of kpop celebrities. I will start on day 3 which i managed the day to visit Hongdae. Hello Kitty Cafe is the one i’m curious about. Reading the review on everyone’s blog said the cafe is totally cute and pink decorated. So, arriving in Hongdae, this cute place was my first destination. Unluckily, Getting at that place was not easy as the written direction on blogs. I wasted my times for almost one hour to get to the cafe.

If you have read any blog and said you have to exit at exit 5 of Hongik University station, please i don’t recommend you to follow the direction. I followed the direction and got stranded at nowhere side of Hongdae area. As i emerged from the exit 5, all i found are some desolated places with just few people around and it seemed like the area of the station just finished its renovation. Anyway i kept follow the direction but it got worse because there’s no sign of Hello Kitty Cafe around. So, here’s i will help you to find the location of Hello Kitty Cafe easier:

  1. As soon as you arrive at Hongik Station (Subway line 2), go to exit 9.
  2. From exit 9, turn left and walk straight.
  3. When you see Dunkin Donuts on your right side, please turn right and walk straight through the street until you find cross walk of the big street.
  4. Cross the big street and walk straight. Keep watching the left side of the street.
  5. You’ll see the sign of a bar which written in Hangul, i don’t know the name of the bar since i can’t read korean. As soon as you see that sign, please turn left. As i remember, it’s the first left side of the street.
  6. keep walk straight the street until you see the sign of “Eye Trick Museum” at your right side, then turn right. On this position you’ll still have that museum on your right side. Anyway, please look at your left side, there’s a small alley. I’m pretty sure you’ll notice it since it’s only the small alley around the street.
  7. Ok, it’s almost done! After you go through the alley, you’ll spot Watson store and Ho Bar at the same place. yes! just walk towards those two stores and go up the street, Hello Kitty Cafe is located very near from that Watson and Ho Bar.

You know, it felt like i unexpectedly found a gold in a bunch of hay. My wasted one hour had finally paid off. The cafe is absolutely the cutest cafe i’ve ever seen in my 23 years of my life! I came very excited and also found the waiters and waitresses at the cafe are very friendly and could speak in english. Instead of the local people itself, all i noticed at the cafe were all foreigners.



Surely i don’t even have a heart to eat the cake. I found guilty of murder when i start eating the cake! I killed hello kitty! *sobbing*. Anyway, i have marked it as one of my to do list in Korea, and the status came to DONE. I also visit some cafes of celebrities that i will post it later.

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